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Our offer includes products within the diameter spectrum of 20-200 mm. We offer a complete system with our pipes in 3 or 4 meters length , sockets, tees, elbows, caps, reducers, pipe clips, fittings with brass threads (female and male)as well as special elements, including looping compensations, crossovers and accessories (cutters, welding machines) and much more!
Technical Information
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"Hydro-Plast” system may be applied in:”

  • Sanitary installations
  • Industrial installations
  • Cooling installations
  • Compressed air installations
  • Water treatment installations
  • Saline solutions installations
  • And many, many more


The system is designed for:

  • SDR 11 pipes - for cold water installations - operating temperature 20°C, pressure - 1.0 M Pa.,
  • SDR 7.4 - for hot tap water installations, operating temperature 60°C, max. pressure - 1.0 M Pa.,
  • SDR 6 – for central heating installations – operating temperature 80°C, max. temperature 90°C, pressure - -0,6 MPa.


SDR – Standard Dimension Ratio

SDR = 2xS + 1 = d / s

S = pipe dimensions series, acc. to ISO 4065

S = (D-s)/2s

D – pipe inside diameter

S – nominal pipe wall thickness

PN – pipe pressure ratio

Hydro-Plast elements are joined using multi-fusion welding (20-200 mm diameter elements) or electrofusion welding . Both methods offer absolute bond tightness.


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