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Our offer includes products within the diameter spectrum of 20-200 mm. We offer a complete system with our pipes in 3 or 4 meters length , sockets, tees, elbows, caps, reducers, pipe clips, fittings with brass threads (female and male)as well as special elements, including looping compensations, crossovers and accessories (cutters, welding machines) and much more!
About us
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Hydro-Plast is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic sanitary installations in Europe. We have been offering our products since 1988.

Hydro-Plast products are made of PP-R polypropylene, a material designed for the needs of indoor plumbing and heating installations. Hydro-Plast offers a complete system of uniform pipes, stabi pipes and stabilized with glass fibre, as well as fittings within the diameter range of 20 do 200 mm. Moreover, we also offer supporting tools, such as stabi cutters, welding machines, pipes cutters and others.

Hydro-Plast is a brand for demanding customers.

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by, among others, excellent research lab conditions and tool shop casting forms for fitting manufacture.

Hydro-Plast possesses all required Technical Approvals, Hygiene Attests and remains under constant supervision of research institutes, such as the DVGW, KIWA, Central Laboratory for Plastic Pipes Research of the Main Mining Institute, which ensures unshaken quality of our products.

Our products have a working life of up to 50 years.

The broad range of diameters (20-200 mm) allows to construct any indoor pressure installation, not only sanitary, but also technological.

Our systems prove to be excellent for the purpose of not only water conveyance, but also 300 other fluids.

The best evidence for the quality of our merchandise is the fact that they have been applied in prestigious buildings as the Royal Castles, The National Stadium, famous hotels, huge office-buildings, residential areas

and this all over the world

In 2007, Hydro-Plast became a part of Aalberts Industry, a Dutch listed Industrial group with production-sites all over the world.




Hydroplast History:

February 2013 – new advanced measuring system installed on extrusion lines allows to produce even more precise PP-R pipes

February 2013 – new website

January  2013 2012 – new Technical Catalogue

November 2012 – New Product Catalogue

September 2012 – production capacity strongly increased by finalizing 26 brand new multicavity injection moulds equipped with hot runners

June 2012 -  achieved “7 Green Stars”, symbols of environmentally responsible production

May 2012 – broadening the offer with new installation dimensions: 125mm, 160mm and 200mm

March 2011 – Hydro-Plast takes the first step on the way of increasing production capabilities by applying new injection moulders of 500 t. pressure

February 2011 – Hydro-Plast catalogues are available also in French

December 2010 – Hydro-Plast announces large investments, which is the consequence of increasing demand for the products

June 2010 – relocation of majority of the plants to Białystok is accomplished

April 2010 – introduction of a new products to the market – glass fibre pipes

February 2010 – broadening of the offer by Stabi Pipe DR 7,4

October 2009 – additional language versions of the Products Catalogue: Albanian, Macedonian and Serbian

September 2009 – new Technical Catalogue

July 2009 – introduction of new products to the market, painted green

June 2009 – implementation of a new storage method, using a specially designed racks system

May 2009 – new Hydro-Plast website

March 2009 – new Products Catalogue

2008-2009 – steady increase of production output by investing in new machines, forms and modernizing the possessed machinery

October 2008 – new forms for manufacturing fittings

2008 – opening of a new lab in the Production Plant

2008 – initiating co-operation with Mongolian, Romanian and Ukrainian companies

2008 – increasing the existing production area

2008 – participation in Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh trade fairs

December 2007 – Hydro-Plast joins the Dutch industrial group Aalberts Industries



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